Thursday, September 26, 2019

Why did Communism collapse so suddenly in 1991 Explain your answer Essay

Why did Communism collapse so suddenly in 1991 Explain your answer - Essay Example Communism seeks to establish a classless society for all. It endeavors to erase all differences of class and creed and bring all the citizens at the same forefront with the government leading them all. However, the communist theory has failed miserably in the past. It is believed that the communist theory includes some connotations that are bound to fail. Capitalists mock the communist theory by saying that if there will always be the poor then there will always be the rich. There would be classification and divisions with the dos and donts, and any effort to create a society that does not have classes, this side of heaven, mainly by means of the aggressive and godless means of Communism, is bound to lead towards frustration and failure1. Before moving on to discussing why this theory failed so miserably and what was inherently wrong with the idea of having a classless state with absolute government power, one needs to know what lead to this concept. The concept of communism belongs to the Marxist school of thought. Since the late 19th century the ideas of socialism were quite popular among the working class citizens around the world and they began to show their true color when in the early 20th century several countries formed their own Communist parties. While the ruling classes reprimanded the concept of communism or socialism since it brought their power at stake, it was very much appreciated by the working class. In the interwar period, however, since different classes began to fight for or against communism, its image tarnished. It wasn’t all good and now everyone knew that. The socialist activists stepped up their campaigns against their oppressor regimes and resorted to violence to achieve their goals2 . These ruthless activities, instead of promoting communism amongst the masses, lead to previously pro-communist populace to lose their interest in the movement. Therefore the number of those who favored communism

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