Friday, September 27, 2019

Report - Innovative team Management Plan Assignment

Report - Innovative team Management Plan - Assignment Example In addition, several global organizations focus on workplace diversity program to integrate the employees of different cultural background with the organizational culture and values. It is important for an organization to develop effective and improved workplace culture to maintain significant and hazard free business operations. Team Goals Leading organizations always try to develop effective team goals to meet organizational goals and objectives. (A) Specific team goals need to be developed by the leaders or managers as a significant part of team performance plan. Clear and shared team goals provide several advantages to the team performances. Effective team goals can help the managers to communicate with the team members about the specific role of the team. It can guide the team members in planning and development process. It helps the team members or employees within a small team to complete assigned tasks within a given period of time. Managers or leaders can easily evaluate the performance and outcome of a team work through these developed team goals. In addition, appropriate team goals can reduce the threat of group or team conflict within the workplace of an organization. (B) Several organizations implement various strategies to enhance creativity and innovation among the team within the workplace. Reward creativity, support creativity, workplace diversity and positive working environment are the four strategies that can enhance creativity and innovation among the team members. Effective reward distribution can motivate the skilled and talented employees to generate innovative ideas. It will help to complete the team project successfully. Support creativity strategy can help employees to take calculated risk in order to achieve significant project outcome. Workplace diversity will help to exchange different ideas among the employees. It can enhance the decision making process. Positive working environment can inspire the employees to perform well to ach ieve personal and professional objectives with greater flexibility. Innovation and Creativity Creativity is known as generation of several innovative ideas. On the other hand, innovation is the transformation of new ideas into a new organization, product, service or a process. (A) Several leading organizations are trying to differentiate their business operation through the implementation of innovative and creative business strategies. The demand for workplace creativity from the employees of an organization is rising in this age of technological revolution. Innovative leadership style can help an organization to change and implement new ideas and strategies in the workplace (Grivas and Puccio, 2011, p.123). Creative thinking and innovation are useful during the strategic planning process. Effective workplace diversity, work distribution and significant reward system are some examples of innovative and creative leadership style. (B) Several leading organizations are trying to implem ent new innovative management strategies in the workplace to achieve successful project output. Innovation teams, linking innovation with operation processes, and anonymity & confidentiality are

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