Saturday, September 7, 2019

Feminist Movement Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Feminist Movement - Research Paper Example This discussion will not only focus aspects of changing gender roles among females and males over the last 40 years. Before the 1960’s, a large percentage were only accepted in programs that were perceived as simple and involved social aspects of interaction for instance: Teachers, convent sisters, nurses and secretaries ( However, with the increased advocacy of equality in job opportunities for women in more technical programs in the 1960’s, a significant percentage of women began accessing enrolment in medical schools as well as colleges that provided, many women also began accessing employment in manufacturing industries; however at a lower wages compared to men ( In article published by the United States History, Arts & Archives, it is indicated that women were not given the right to vote before the introduction of the Women’s Suffrage movement. With the introduction of this movement, women were given the right to vote and occupy political offices ( These rights have since saw a shift in political power and decision making issues, leading to a scenario where women can lead the society and make pertinent decisions just like men. In a research undertaken by the Pew Research on Social and Demographic Trends, it was noted that the United States’ Labor Force accounts for 38% women and 62% men since that 1970’s. The research indicated that the number was attributed to the wide range of public consensus concerning the changing role of women and men in the society. Additionally, the study indicated that approximately 75% of the American populace agree that women should not go back to their traditional roles as home cares, but should work equally like men and contribute to their families’ income ( This is another aspect of a change in role between men and men. Over the last four decades, men and women have take almost equal roles in provision of responsibilities in

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