Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Human resource management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Human resource management - Essay Example ON-THE-JOB TRAINING: It takes place in a normal work environment using the actual projects, documents, tools and the work place as the training location. In this type the trainee is assigned to a supervisor or a senior employee and he/she observes their training in more like a one to one situation. The purpose of on-the-job training is a better work performance; the trainer can not only focus on his/her input in training, in fact the trainings must have its desired impacts. Although there are no specific ways applied in training because different situations, different assignments call for different methods but the many different types of on the job training are (Rapid Training Development 2010): JOB ROTATION: Job rotation is one of the commonly used methods in on-the-job trainings, this method involves the trainee to move from one job or assignment to another in order to gain experience. In this method the trainees are placed under each and every type of job from clerical job to assistant, cashier, manager for them to learn the importance and the manner to handle every job. COACHING: in this method the trainee is placed under the watchful eyes of a supervisor who acts as a coach and supervises him/her through different assignments. They offer their feedbacks regarding the trainees work and performance make suggestions and help them make improvements in their work quality. But there is only one limitation for the trainee that he/she cannot express their ideas so openly. JOB INSTRUCTION: this method is also known as â€Å"step-by-step training†, in which the trainer explains the different ways of doing jobs. He also gives him/her job knowledge, teaches them the method of doing it and allows him to do the job on their own but under their supervision. After the job is job the trainer appraises, provides feedback, and corrects the mistakes that are made. The

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