Sunday, September 8, 2019

Organisation, People and Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Organisation, People and Performance - Essay Example This refers to a measure of the ability to recognize, manage and evaluate emotions. The test base on four key elements; the ability of the candidate to recognize his own and other people emotions, generating and using emotions in solving problems, understanding emotions and the changes in emotions and the ability to manage both his own and other people emotions. Several methods that may include test questions can help achieve the objective (Hough 1984).These are assessments employed to measure a number of mental capabilities like mathematical and verbal ability, comprehension reading and reasoning ability (Hunter 1986). They comprise of multiple choice objects administered through a paper or computer. The total score of the candidate represents the true measure of his mental ability in performing the job. It is possible to design the exercise to measure one character after the other and then summing up the final score at the end.1.6 Biographical dataThese tests deal with the backgrou nd of the candidate, interests and personal characteristics. This relies on the belief that past performance is the most significant predictor of future performance. It concerns the manner the candidate performed in the past in the areas related to the management task (Shoenfeldt 1999). For example, the number of volunteer activities the candidate participated in the past provides a measure of his willingness to volunteer. In addition, the test reveals the candidates’ independence and responsibility.

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