Sunday, September 1, 2019

Breaking Up with Someone You Love Essay

During my first year in college, I fell in love with a co-freshman. We went steady after a two-month courtship. However, only after a few months of seeing the movies together, eating at our favorite restaurants, visiting the most exciting bars in the locality, staying up late together to study, and just even staring into blank space together, we finally broke up. Allow me to share with you the details of our break up: On a Sunday morning, while I was jogging around our neighborhood as part of my daily routine, somebody called me on my cellular phone. The caller, who is actually someone that I go to English class with first asked how I am doing, which I answered with the typical response, â€Å"Hi, fine I guess, thank you, and how about you? † She actually did not pay attention to my question, which I found very odd since she is the type who would always politely respond to anything an individual asks. After that she asked if I was already done with our project/homework that is due the following day. Again, I thought that was really bizarre, she is very independent as a student and does not engage herself with such. I felt really weird and so I eventually had the courage to ask her why she really bothered to call me. After a lot of â€Å"uhmms†, â€Å"errs†, and other speech impediments, she finally said it. She saw my boyfriend being exceedingly intimate with another girl. I believe I heard her say goodbye after saying â€Å"take it easy, girl, leave him and get on with life; there are too many guys out there who deserves to be with you far better than him†. I was not able to respond though. Right then and there, I felt extreme weakness; I could no longer go on with my jogging, in fact, I could barely walk. Then I told myself, â€Å"I have not seen him do that† or â€Å"Maybe that was a cousin whom he is extremely close with† or â€Å"Maybe my classmate in English just wanted to make fun of me†. Those lines did not help to make me feel better though, in fact, it became worse. I felt excruciating pain, like a cold knife that cut through my heart. I felt absolutely terrible. When I arrived home, I decided to weigh things over again. I told myself, â€Å"My classmate may be telling the truth, but I actually haven’t seen it for myself†. So with that, I felt a little better. I decided to change from my sporty attire to a casual one since I needed to go to the bookstore and buy a few things required by the school. Upon arriving at the bookstore, I first went to the books section to check on the new releases, as well as, the best sellers for the week. To my dismay, I saw my boyfriend there at the fiction section getting intimate with another lady. With what I saw, I already forgot what I was going to do or buy there, what I did was: I immediately rushed out the door and went home. I stayed in my room, just sat in my bed, and stared into blank space. Then I went down to the kitchen to prepare a few dishes, just like what I always do when I am terribly pressured, stressed or in a lot of pain. I also cleaned the refrigerator, took out the veggies that seem to be no longer edible, and then reorganized everything inside it. I also cleaned my room. Then I called him up and asked if we could meet. He excitedly and gleefully said yes and decided on the meeting place. When I arrived at the coffee shop we agreed to stay in, I sat for a few minutes, composed myself, making sure I would not cry or get mad before I told him this, â€Å"I was told about what you did†¦I did not believe it at first, however, when I saw you earlier today at the bookstore, I realized, my classmate was not at all making fun of me†¦I am sorry but this is goodbye†. I even asked him if there was anything he wanted to say but he simply nodded so I smiled at him to show him I wasn’t bitter and that I am happy I discovered his dishonesty early then I left the premises. Works Cited * Since this is an essay which entails a personal experience, no reference has been utilized for this.

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