Thursday, October 17, 2019

Truth and Lies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Truth and Lies - Essay Example It is essential to have the common awareness that men and women lie due to various situations in their lives, and only such an understanding can help one deal with the issue. If I find a client lying in a session, my first response will be one of accepting the reality of truth/lies. Then, I will ensure that I make attempts in which the client himself/herself realizes the fact about the lie and about me understanding it. Once the client is sure about the lie he/she has told, I will ask about the situations for him/her to lie so. I will make him/her be convinced of the fact that everyone lies at some moment of life. My attempts will also help him/her understand the need for humans to be truthful in life. I will also clarify the different views about truth and lies by which the client is able to make his/her choice. At the end of all these, the client will become aware of the problem of lying and the beauty of being truthful in life. I will make use of this situation to amplify the clie nt's awareness with general facts regarding the nature of lies. Coping is one of the most significant factors affecting the results of the activities undertaken in order to reduce the impact of an issue. "Coping consists of efforts, both action oriented and intra psychic, to manage (i.e. master, tolerate, reduce, minimize) environmental and internal demands and conflicts.' (Lazarus & Launier, 1978, p. 311). As Steven Gullo has pointed out, there are various styles of coping with a situation and people's selection of a particular Coping Style depends on several factors. It is important to realize that not any particular style of the six basic coping styles identified by Steven Gullo gives the complete picture of a best style. One style may seem good for a particular individual or situation while the same may be completely useless for another. An individual may make use of more than one style depending on the demands of the situation and the problem. However, one particular style may become predominant in every person along with other alternative styles. Therefore, I strongly feel that among the six basic coping styles in young people, i.e. accepting, defying, facilitating, submitting, altruistic, and optimistic, the coping style I possess is that of accepting. That is to say, I always feel there is a strong need in everyone to be heard and listened to. The energy in every person is limited and these energies need to be utilized in the right direction in order to cope with a difficult situation. It is also essential to get the maximum amount of specifications from the clients and draw the right conclusions. If one fails in obtaining the exact information regarding the issue, one can never achieve a solution to the problem and, therefore, I always make it a point that the maximum amount of the factual information is obtained from the clients. To supplement to this style, I always feel that there is a solution to every difficult situation and I am very much confident about finding these solutions, provided I approach the situa tion realistically and objectively. Therefore, the coping style I prefer is one of accepting and many often this style is assisted by my optimistic views regarding the issues. 10 RULES FOR DADS The article "10 Rules for Dads to Give Children" by Dr. Walter C. Farrell can be best comprehended as one which points out the essential guidelines that a father in the modern world

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