Monday, October 7, 2019

PAS Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

PAS - Case Study Example After 6 months, I was asked to run the whole station store and gas pumps. The gas was closed a year after it was closed due to its line expiry. It was due to this reason that Pas Automotive repair decided to acquire a building that was the year 2000, hence the business became steady from then. Pas Automotive is luckily located on one of the busiest  streets in Sydney 500 Prince Street. With a large lot of 20 plus cars and access to the roadways, situated in 3 different directions. In business, Pas automotive repair company is among the automotive repair shop that deals with all repairs on both cars trucks boats as well as lawn mowers. In addition, the company deals with rebuilding various vehicle engines as well as changing engine oil. As the business is at a tender age, the company has a total of seven employees. Our services include; service calls, self service work where customers will be picked from a prevailed position and the problem they are encountering on their vehicle asc ertained just on time and at affordable price. Our prices depend on the  labor  guide, being serviced and provided by all of our service stations. We also give a discount price to students and  seniors. More so we have affordable and special hourly rate of 60.00 dollars an hour and this makes us cheap on the market as compared from our competitors. Research on the Pas Automotive Repair as a sole  proprietor  business is very useful. Firstly, it will aid in making a forecast to affiliate the current situation, therefore supporting the potential increase in service provision. Additionally, while delivering the service, the industry looks forward in growth and developing around the globe. There are several factors that limit their use, which may be reflected later. Moreover, the statistical analysis of the pas automotive repair company and distribution channels, which is very essential in making sound decisions, will be evaluated. Secondly, the study of online and traditional agency services (in terms of understanding consumer needs) is relevant not only for the owners of Pas Automotive Repair Company, but also for the insurance companies, transportation and others. Through the data, a clear analysis of the various factors affecting the industry is evaluated. This leads to increased efficiency and consequently increased returns. Additionally, research of the subject carries a statistical and social nature, which makes it necessary to understand the consumer behavior, as well as their knowledge of the possible opportunities. Increasing Sales and Profits One of the main objectives of advertising is to augment sales and profits. Most companies nowadays employ advertising to impart people regarding their products and services. Some forms of advertising lend themselves more to producing immediate profits. This can be with adverts availed through Billboards. The company will process and markets their services under a brand name of Pas Automotive Repair Compan y. Encourage Trial and Usage Pas Automotive Repair Company will frequently use advertising to hearten trial and convention of new services they unveil to their customer. The company will lope their advertising to bring in their services to the public as well as their customers. The company will initiate public enticements to first-time service consumers and will work based on brand equity among techniques Forms of advertisement In any company as per the requirements of marketing strategies,

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