Saturday, May 9, 2020

Major Works Data Sheet the Awakening by Kate Chopin

IB English HL Major Works Data Sheet: The Awakening | | |Author: Kate Chopin Year of publication: 1899 | | | | | |What are the time and place(s) in which story is set? What is the setting’s significance?†¦show more content†¦Shows the constraints she is under as a woman in their society. Brings Edna back to reality. | |Quarrel/exchange between Pontellier couple. Roles reverse as Edna refuses to come to bed when her husband asks. She asks him to come to bed | |and he agrees with a â€Å"Yes.† This is in direct contrast with the beginning of the novel. | |Robert and Edna go to a different island the next morning and spend the entire day there. Edna â€Å"sleeps for a hundred years† awakens and | |becomes a new being. Majorly transformative scene. | |Robert flees to Mexico for so called â€Å"fortune seeking† after realizing he is getting too close to falling in love with Edna. He leaves without| |warning, leaving Edna is despair. | |The story changes setting and moves to the conventional setting of New Orleans, Louisiana. Edna is once again constricted by societal demands.| |Edna begins to slack off on the children, home and her relationships. Her husband reprimands her. | |She searches for Reiz after

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