Friday, August 23, 2019

Evaluation Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Evaluation Plan - Essay Example In the process, value of the program in issues of merit or quality, worth and cost effectiveness, as well as importance or significance shall be involved as against facts. The following shall be established: 2. Program Description: A nutrition program that will help increase vegetable and fruits consumption for breast cancer prevention in order to decrease instances and occurrence of breast cancer among the mentioned age group in Onkaparinga. Users: 12-18 year-old adolescent girls in Onkaparinga. Their involvement is voluntary and a letter of intent will be sent from house-to-house asking for voluntary participants in the program. ____ (Please indicate how many you target to volunteer!) They will be divided into sub-groups in order to attain desirable quantity of member-participants. Uses: As earlier discussed, the 12-18 year old adolescent girls of Onkaparinga are prone to develop breast cancer and this program shall try to apply health and nutrition intervention by increasing consumption of vegetables and fruits with the target to reduce and eventually eliminate incidence of breast cancer in that age group. It is possible that participants may not actively participate due to regular and available menu at home, peer pressure and personal reference. This problem has been addressed that a subsidized supply of fruit and vegetables shall be allotted to participants who will be working and doing weekly activities with fellow teen participants. In the Impact Evaluation, there is an investigation of the effect of the program. Questions: The following questions shall be answered during the evaluation process: 1. Did the participants experience a positive program process 2. Are stakeholders cooperative throughout the program 3. How much is the increase of quantity of vegetable and fruit consumption of each participant per week 4. What are the factors that make the program effective (dissemination of information, program action plan, active participants, active

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