Thursday, July 25, 2019

What is the importance of the United States Constitution Essay

What is the importance of the United States Constitution - Essay Example Every American to follow what is states in the constitution and a breach in the constitution of the country is a legal offence. The presidents, governors as well as all the leaders in the country take an oath that they would abide by the constitution and uphold the constitution for the smooth running of the country. The constitution of the country explains the division of power between the different bodies of the federal government as well the state government. The constitution also draws a line between the state and the federal government and explains the functions that are assigned to both the governments. It is owing to these differences that have been highlighted by the constitution that the states work in collaboration with the federal government for the good of the country as a whole. The constitution thus binds the different segments together for functioning and this provides for the progress of the country. The legal system also runs as per the laws put forward by the constitution of the United States. These laws are to be followed in all the courts and judicial systems in the country whether they are the state courts or the federal courts. Thus, the constitution also promotes the efficient working of the judicial system in the United States. The liberty and the freedom of speech that has been granted to every American are also provided by the constitution of the country. The constitution also allows the bearing of arms for self protection. The civil liberties enjoyed by the nationals as well as the immigrants are thus provided by the points laid out in the constitution. The constitution grants the greatest power to the American people and they can contest against injustice owing to the strength granted to them by the constitution. The constitution of the United States can correctly be called as the highest law in the country that it to be followed by each and every citizen. The president, members of the congress, senate as

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